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Neil Fernando and Co.(Pvt.) Ltd which is part of the Penthouse Group of Companies is the Leading Fiber Glass Boat Builder in South Asia with over 48 Years of experience in building of Fishing Boats, Commercial & Work Boats, Passenger Ferries, Patrol & Surveillance Crafts, Luxury Motor Yachts & Cruisers and luxury Motor Sailors .Vessel lengths from 6 Mtrs. up to 35 Mtrs. All boats are manufactured in accordance to an International Standard where quality is never compromised on. The strength of the company is that it has the expertise and a wealth of experience that caters to the modern age of boat manufacturing.

ISO 9001;2015 company building boats under IACS ( international association of classification societies) members classification..

 international association of classification societies




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NM Distributors: Setting Sail with New Leadership and Exciting Partnerships

10-04-2024 NEWS & EVENTS

NM Distributors: Setting Sail with New Leadership and Exciting Partnerships

      Dear Valued Customers, We are thrilled to share some exciting news about Neil Marine Distributors (NMD), a distinguished member of the Penthouse group of companies. Since its establishment in 2002 by Mr. Neil Fernando, NM Distributors has been a cornerstone of the Sri Lankan market, carving out a reputation as a...

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A Story of Redemption: Witharanage Don Somapala Yapa's Second Chance at Neil Marine Boat Yard

08-03-2024 NEWS & EVENTS

A Story of Redemption: Witharanage Don Somapala Yapa's Second Chance at Neil Marine Boat Yard

    In the bustling streets of Wallawatte in Colombo 6, a heartwarming tale of compassion and second chances unfolded when Penthouse Group Chairperson, Mrs. Kumari Fernando, stumbled upon Witharanage Don Somapala Yapa, a 71-year-old man in desperate need of help.   Every day on her way home from work, Mrs. Fernando noticed Yapa,...

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Neil Fernando Company is now certified in Ethics Trading (CET)

30-11-2023 NEWS & EVENTS

Neil Fernando Company is now certified in Ethics Trading (CET)

 Exciting News from Neil Fernando and Company!  We're thrilled to share that Neil Fernando and Company has achieved certification in compliance with the rigorous criteria of Certificates of Ethics Trading (CET). It is with great pride that our Business Development Manager, Ruwan Dias, accepted the prestigious certificate from the National Chamber...

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In a resounding testament to our unwavering commitment to environmental conservation and community betterment, Neil Marine, in collaboration with its Suzuki Division and Shell Lubricants Division, recently spearheaded a remarkable Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative. This initiative manifested as a beach cleanup endeavor on the pristine shores of Maravilla, Sri Lanka.

The fervor and dedication of our team were palpable as approximately 75 impassioned staff members converged on Maravilla Beach for a collective mission: to restore its natural splendor and safeguard the marine ecosystem. The beach cleanup, a cornerstone of our CSR project, was meticulously executed, resulting in a resounding success that echoed our profound dedication to environmental welfare.

The ripple effects of our collective efforts did not go unnoticed. Officials from the Attorney General's Office and Municipal Council paid a visit to the rejuvenated Maravilla Beach, keen to witness firsthand the transformative outcomes of our initiative. Their elation was palpable as they beheld the beach's pristine expanse, a stark contrast to the litter-strewn scene it was before. This pivotal recognition reinforced the significance of our endeavor and underscored the power of collective action in nurturing our environment.




One of the most remarkable outcomes of our beach cleanup was the catalytic role it played in promoting sustainable waste management practices. The Municipal Council, inspired by our efforts, swiftly initiated the transportation of all collected plastic waste to a dedicated recycling facility. This transition not only curbs pollution but also contributes to a circular economy by repurposing discarded materials into valuable resources.

The impact of our CSR project extends far beyond the immediate cleanup. It stands as a resounding proclamation of our dedication to the well-being of marine life, the preservation of nature's pristine beauty, and the upliftment of local communities. By restoring Maravilla Beach's splendor, we have tangibly enriched the lives of both its residents and the wider community, instilling a renewed sense of pride and ownership in their surroundings.

Neil Marine's CSR endeavor serves as a compelling illustration of how corporate commitment can be harnessed to effect profound positive change. The initiative's scope extended beyond a mere cleanup; it radiated as a beacon of hope, inspiring action and forging partnerships for a brighter, cleaner future. Our resolute endeavor is not just about restoring beaches; it's about rekindling hope, revitalizing ecosystems, and setting an example for responsible corporate citizenship.

As we look back on this momentous undertaking, we stand humbled by the transformative power of collective effort. Our CSR project at Maravilla Beach is a testament to what can be achieved when a steadfast commitment to environmental stewardship converges with proactive collaboration. By championing change, we have set a new standard of excellence in corporate responsibility that reverberates far beyond the shores of Maravilla.

We are elated to extend our warmest congratulations and sincere gratitude to all those who made our CSR project at Maravilla Beach a resounding success. This initiative, a collaborative effort between Neil Marine, Suzuki Division, and Shell Lubricants Division, stands as a testament to the power of unity in championing environmental stewardship and community welfare.

Together, we have taken a meaningful stride toward a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable future.